About Us

The Products of Sierra Family Farms were introduced in 2004 to enhance our Olive Oil concern. The Family founded Sierra Olive Oil Company in 1994. In 2004 The Family publicly organized Sierra Olive Oil Company and the Sierra Nevada Olive Tree Registry, and Sierra Family Farms.

Our continuing goal is to produce only the finest natural ingredients possible and to make them available to the consumer at an fordable price. To do all that, the Family created Best Price Spices in order to assure consistency in spice freshness, taste, and price; in those Spices and Herbs necessary to the continuing success of our goal.

After years of development, perfection, and acceptance by the general consumer, the Family finally introduced the wonderful products featured on this site under the proud name of Sierra Family Farms.

This allows Sierra Family Farms to offer everyone fresh reasonably priced spices as well as our All Natural Award Winning Innovative Hand Made Gourmet Food Products. This also allows the Family to offer the general consumer fresh spices in 1 pound to 100 pound BULK sales.

Think about what this means to you and your family. Low cost All Natural Award Winning Innovative Handcrafted Gourmet Foods which are Healthy, Good, and more value then 99% of the commercially produced gourmet foods available today.